A Great Professional Home Stager Is Like A Swiss Army Knife

A Great Professional Home Stager Is Like A Swiss Army Knife

An experienced house stager has a lot in common with a fully-loaded Swiss Army Knife™.

A home stager is like a fully loaded Swiss Army Knife

Since WWII, the trusty Swiss Army Knife™ has been the go-to tool for soldiers, campers, fishermen, construction workers, even Hollywood Bowl goers (mainly for the corkscrew and for slicing cheese:o). I even have a Swiss Army Knife™ in my home staging tool kit!

The Swiss Champ™ has 35 tools or “features” and there’s not a lot you can’t fix or attend to with a Swiss Champ™ in your pocket.

The more experienced the home stager, the more tools she is likely to have at her disposal.

I like the think I’m the Swiss Champ™ of home stagers. Like the problem solving Swiss Army Knife™, Moving Mountains Design can be the solution for many home selling difficulties:

  • Need advice on how to add umph to your front yard to enhance curb appeal? A home staging consultation will cover that
  • Need a recommendation for inexpensive carpet, granite counter-tops, reliable movers or storage? I’ve got several to choose from in my contact list
  • Don’t know what color to paint your living room to appeal to more buyers? I know the perfect color
  • Not sure if your furniture will help or hurt the sale of your home? I can assess your furniture and let you know if I think it will advance your goal to sell your home for top dollar
  • Is your home vacant and feels empty with no furniture? I can provide a few rooms or a whole house of furniture, artwork and accessories to make your home look like a model home
  • Don’t have a real estate agent to list your home? I’ve worked or interacted with 100’s, all over Los Angeles, Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley and I know who does a good job
  • Not sure if you should spend the money on remodeling your house for sale? I can tell you which upgrades should  help with a faster sale or a higher selling price
  • Do you need to sell your home fast and as-is? I work with real estate investors that can close escrow in as little as 1 week for all cash – no banks, no mortgage approvals, no appraisals

If you’re the listing agent, I can help you with:

  • Photographing your listing after staging. I’ll provide professional quality photographs of the homes we stage for use in marketing
  • Writing your marketing materials
  • Sending an email blast to 1,800+ real estate professionals on my mailing list
  • Convincing your client of the importance of doing certain repairs, upgrades or staging in order to effect a faster sale at a higher price

As you can see, an experienced home stager has a lot in common with the trusty Swiss Army Knife™.

Smart home owners, real estate agents and real estate investors have one in their pocket. Do you?



Home staging is an investment in getting your home sold quickly and for the best possible price. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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