Holiday Home Staging and Decorating in Los Angeles

Holiday Home Staging and Decorating in Los Angeles

Los Angeles home staging company, Moving Mountains Design, offers Holiday Home Staging as part of their home staging and redesign services.

Thinking of having your home, office or business professionally decorated for the Holidays? We offer holiday decoration and Home Staging for the Holidays in Los Angeles and Southern California for private residences, restaurants, businesses and commercial buildings.

Our team of home stagers will transform your home or business with holiday decor, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or New Years. Our styles range from very traditional Norman Rockwell style, to contemporary, to eclectic/artistic/international style. Many holiday decorations are available for rental and most are available for purchase.

Last year we were hired by an Encino homeowner to stage his home for Christmas.

Grand Entry staged with beautiful Christmas Tree

Grand Entry staged with beautiful Christmas Tree

The home had a beautiful grand entry that was the perfect spot to put up this magnificent 15′ Christmas tree.

Due to budget considerations and weight restrictions, the homeowner requested we use an artificial Christmas tree.  A real 15′ Christmas tree would have weighed enough that it would have required a crane to lift it upright and would have required a very large base to keep it upright. Either the weight of the tree or the weight of the crane would have cracked the marble tile floor. Additionally, the tree would have had to be trucked down from Washington or Oregon and the homeowner wanted a “greener” option. We chose a high end tree that truly looked real.

Live garland was used to give the home an old fashioned Christmas aroma

Live garland was used to give the home an old fashioned Christmas aroma

In order to give the home that organic Christmas tree smell, we draped real spruce and pine boughs on the banister of the double staircase.  The boughs were decorated with pine cones and blown glass Christmas decorative balls. In addition to the Christmas tree we decorated the fireplace mantles in the living room and family room and provided some decorations on the front of the house.

Did you know home staging and redesign isn’t just for preparing your home to sell?

Moving Mountains Design can give your home that home staging “WOW!” look for the holidays, too.

We can create the idyllic guest room for your holiday guests, freshen your living room with new a furniture arrangement, accessories and paint, or help you purchase a gorgeous new formal dining room table & chairs. We can even arrange for beautiful rental furniture and accessories.

We can handle almost any holiday decorating curve ball you might throw us.

  • Want a live Santa and his reindeers at your holiday party? No problem
  • Want your home completely furnished (or refurnished) in time for Thanksgiving? No problem
  • Want a 20′ tall lighted menorah in your front yard? No problem
  • What holdiay decorations made entirely of auto parts? No problem
  • We have strategic alliances with construction contractors, prop makers, and film industry prop rental houses throughout the region for the best service and selection.

The only limitations are your imagination, money and time (so get your holiday order in early)

Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Call Michelle Minch at Moving Mountains Design (626)441-8975 for more information about Holiday Home Staging, redesign and interior design in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and Southern California.

And yes, we will travel outside of Southern California to create spectacular holiday displays, staging or redesign anywhere we can get to by plane, train or automobile.

Home staging is an investment in getting your home sold quickly and for the best possible price. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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