LA Home Staging A Monterey Park Move-In-Ready Home

LA Home Staging A Monterey Park Move-In-Ready Home

A few months ago, I was hired for a home staging consultation by a couple who were selling his parents’ Monterey Park home after his parents had passed away. The couple hired meĀ  so they could get the house ready to sell. We discussed the pros and cons of selling the home without repairs as a conventional sale (doing nothing, which would net them a much lower selling price) or investing a moderate amount of money, fixing the house up and staging it to maximize the sale price. The house suffered from deferred maintenance, and it would have taken several weeks to bring it up to move-in ready condition. Since they would be managing the repairs at a distance (they lived in another state) this was not something they were looking forward to.

I offered them a 3rd option. I suggested they meet with a real estate investor I work with staging her homes. I know this investor to be honest and a smart business woman. I trust she would treat them with respect and offer them a fair price. They agreed to meet with her, and after a couple of weeks of mulling over their options (I also got them a bid from a licensed contractor to do the repairs) they decided that it was in their best interest to sell the house to her and move on.

Here’s what the house looked like when I first saw it:

Monterey Park Los Angeles home staging before

Master bedroom before

Monterey Park home before staging

Monterey Park kitchen before remodel & staging

Monterey Park home staging before

Bathroom before remodel & staging

You get the picture. The house needed a lot of help.

The real estate investor and her construction team remodeled the kitchen with new granite countertops, new appliances, sink, etc. All the windows were replaced. Laminate hardwood floor was installed throughout. The bathroom was gutted and re-tiled. New plumbing fixtures were added. And of course, the investor hired Moving Mountains Design to stage the home before putting it on the market.

Here’s the house after staging:

Monterey Park home staging livingroom

Living room after staging

Monterey Park kitchen after home staging

Kitchen after remodel & staging

Monterey Park master bedroom after staging

Monterey Park master bedroom after staging

Bathroom after remodel & home staging

Bathroom after remodel & home staging

This Los Angeles real estate investor did a fantastic job with the remodel. Everything looks fresh and new. The rooms feel larger, lighter and brighter. The price is right at $419,000 (at the time of this post) for this adorable move-in-ready 3 bedroom, 1 bath remodeled home with a detached 2 car garage and large backyard.

For more information about this Monterey Park home for sale, contact Jennifer Shenbaum (310)916-3452. MLS# S638306

Moving Mountains Design often works with Trustees selling real estate as part of a trust, estate or probate sale. For more information, contact Michelle at (626)441-8975 or by email

Monterey Park home staging:

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