Home Staging In Downey, CA – Staging Luxury Homes

Home Staging In Downey, CA – Staging Luxury Homes

Today we staged a luxury home in Downey, CA. The listing agent called me just before I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. When I told him I couldn’t stage his luxury home until after I returned, he said “I don’t care. We want the best home stager. We’ll wait for you!” Normally, I don’t travel as far as Downey to stage homes, but with a lead in like that, how could I say no?

When we arrived today to stage this beautiful home, there was still work ongoing. The painters and electricians hadn’t quite finished. Cabinet doors were off, chandeliers weren’t hung, etc. and the grand piano hadn’t been delivered by the time we left. We staged around them, but weren’t able to finish 100%. I’ll be going back to take more photos and do the final touches. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of a couple of rooms:

Downey Luxury Home Staging

Here’s the living room before the grand piano was delivered. It will go where the little stool is in the background. And yes, that’s my mobile phone on the cocktail table :o)

Downey Luxury Home Staging

Here’s one of the bathrooms

Los Angeles luxury homes staging

Here’s a close-up in the master bath.

No expense was spared in the details and construction of this home. Everything is the best…including the home stager!

I’ll post more photos once the work is finished and I’m able to return to take more photos. Stay tuned.

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