Happy Lunar New Year 2012 – Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year 2012 – Year of the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Cai!(Mandarin)

GungHei Fat Choy! (Cantonese)

Happy Lunar NewYear to all my Chinese and Southeast Asian friends & clients

This year we are celebrating the Year of the Dragon

I have the great good fortune to work with many Chinese and Asian clients staging their homes in Arcadia, San Marino and Pasadena. I want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. The Year of the Dragon promises to bring many positive changes this year.

Chinese New Year, also know as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. Regional customs and family traditions vary widely for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, every family thoroughly cleans their home to sweep away any bad fortune. This makes way for good luck to come in. Windows are opened and rooms are aired out. Brooms and cleaning rags are thrown away and trash is emptied so that no dirt of misfortune is carried into the New Year.

On January 23, Chinese and Southeast Asian people all over the world engage in a wide variety of traditional customs and practices that involve food and gift giving. Dumplings (sometimes known as Dim Sum) that are shaped like gold bars are eaten. Children receive small amounts of money in red envelopes (Hong Bao). Adults may receive a gift of tangerines, which are symbols of prosperity and happiness, or kumquats, which are another prosperity symbol. Schools and businesses in China close for at least a week.

My nephew, who owns an Architecture firm in Shanghai, says they don’t get much sleep during this week due to all the firecrackers going off at all hours of the night.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is set up in 12 year cycles and each year in the cycle is associated with an animal. This coming year is the Year of the Tiger, the third year in the Chinese Zodiac. The tiger is a symbol of Courage, Strength and Prosperity. According to legend, Lord Buddha summoned the animals to him before he departed the earth. Only 12 came to bid him farewell and so he named a year after each one as a reward. It is believed that the animal ruling the birth year of a person has a profound impact on their personality.

Despite diverse customs and traditions across China, and for Chinese living in other parts of the world, the sentiment infusing Lunar New Year is one of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese and Southeast AsianĀ  friends, clients & business associates. I wish you much happiness, good health and prosperity in the coming year!

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