Burkard Nursery Summer Sale

Burkard Nursery Summer Sale

succlent1Burkard Nurseries, a Pasadena gardener’s paradise since 1937, is having a summer sale July 17-July 26, 2009.

Take 35% off all items!

Burkard is a fantastic nursery with a huge selection and very knowledgeable staff. If you have a shady dry corner of your yard, a sunny wet corner, or want to know which tomato plant produces the largest fruit, the Burkard staff will be able to point you in the right direction. And with a 35% discount, you’re in big box store pricing territory.

Some of the many things I have purchased for my Pasadena garden:

  • Blueberry plants

  • Strawberry plants

  • Tomato plants – Burkards is famous for their heirloom tomato selection

  • Roses – they have one of the best selections in Southern California

  • Fruit trees – Peach, Nava Nava Navel Oranges, and Satsuma

  • Landscaping plants – Kangaroo Paws, Gardenias, Camellias, succulents

Definitely worth a trip if you are getting your Pasadena home ready for sale and are working on your curb appeal or want to start that Freedom Garden.

For more information you can call Burkard Nurseries at (626)796-4355.

If you need assistance with curb appeal and preparing the outside of a home for sale, call Moving Mountains Design (626)441-8975. That is one of the many services we offer to help homeowners and real estate agents in Los Angeles and Pasadena prepare homes for sale.

Home staging is an investment in getting your home sold quickly and for the best possible price. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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