5 Simple Staging Tips to Amp Up Your Listing’s Appeal

Spanish Revival Home Staging Dining Room

5 Simple Staging Tips to Amp Up Your Listing’s Appeal

Congratulations! You got the listing! Here’s 5 simple staging tips to amp up your listing’s appeal to potential buyers.

Simple Staging Tip #1: Light Bulbs

Lighting is one of the easiest changes to make to amp up your listing’s appeal.Spanish Revival Home Staging Dining Room

  • Make sure all lamps have matching light bulbs in each room – this includes lamps, chandeliers and can lights
  • We prefer light bulbs that are 3,000 degrees Kelvin (K) for the most appealing color temperature
  • Make sure you have plenty of available light – turn ALL lamps and fixtures on for every showing
Simple Staging Tip #2: WindowsArcadia home staging family room
  • Light, bright rooms appear larger and are more appealing to most home buyers
  • Remove ALL window treatments whenever possible
  • If not possible to remove, make sure to uncover all windows by opening the curtains as wide as possible
  • Make sure the windows are sparkling clean, inside and out. Nothing kills the mood like dirty windows
Simple Staging Tip #3: Orderliness

Pasadena home staging Before & After

  • Clutter eats space and makes a home feel smaller
  • Clutter is also very distracting and makes a home feel as if there isn’t enough storage
  • Put away anything and everything on horizontal surfaces (counters, table tops, shelves, etc) except for 2 or 3 decorative items
  • Everyone want to feel like their life will be tidy and organized once they move. If your listing is cluttered, you blow your chance to display a “better life” to potential buyers
    • Hot Tip: Have the home owner start pre-packing most of their possessions before you list the home. They will be more likely to work WITH their listing agent to make a sale happen instead of working AGAINST the listing agent
Simple Staging Tip #4: Move-In Ready

Bathroom Home Staging

  • Buyers want a move-in ready house. They want to close escrow today and move in tomorrow
  • Make sure the home is sparkling and spotless. Don’t let dirt or dust be a distraction.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magic. Make sure there are no hand prints, scuffs, drips, etc. ANYWHERE (test first in an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t damage the surface)
  • Paint any areas of wear and tear
    • Hot Tip: If your kitchen cabinets are showing wear and tear, you should consider hiring an experienced painter for a cleaner look
  • Paint walls a light neutral color. White, light gray or ivory are all good choices that will appeal to all buyers
  • Patch holes, replace missing hardware, scrub grout or re-grout. Don’t give potential buyers any opportunity to discount your listing
    • Home Depot and Lowes sell furniture touch-up markers that can be used to repair scratches in hardwood floors
Simple Staging Tip #5: Curb AppealWhite roses as landscape plants
  • Make sure your listing looks pristine from the street. Don’t give potential buyers an excuse to drive off before looking at the house
  • Hire a gardener to trim all hedges and bushes that may be obscuring the house
  • Fill in any holes with additional plants in hedges and foundation plantings
  • Remove dead trees and plants. It’s bad Feng Shui and makes a house feel like it’s poorly maintained
  • Colorful flowers planted near the front entrance send a welcoming message
  • Cover all bare earth in planting beds with natural bark chips
  • Have the gardener apply Weed & Feed then water like crazy to get rid of weeds and have the grass green up
    • Hot Tip: One of my favorite Los Angeles landscape plants is Iceberg Roses. They are free-flowering and require very little maintenance

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