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Spanish Revival Home Staging Dining Room

5 Simple Staging Tips to Amp Up Your Listing’s Appeal

Congratulations! You got the listing! Here's 5 simple staging tips to amp up your listing's appeal to potential buyers. Simple Staging Tip #1: Light Bulbs Lighting is one of the easiest changes to make to amp up your listing's appeal. Make sure all lamps have matching light...

Pasadena no smoking ordinance

How To Remove Smoking Odors From Your Home

Smoking odors, be it from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes is insidious and very difficult to get rid of. It seeps into the smallest cracks and crevices. It saturates upholstery batting, stuffing and cushions. It infiltrates carpet padding. Here's some home stager's tips for getting...

Spectacular Mid-Century Lake Encino Living Room

Spectacular Mid-Century Lake Encino Home Staging

We love staging Mid-Century homes, with their soaring ceilings and fabulous architectural details. This spectacular Mid-Century Lake Encino home staging project is one of our recent favorites. We were hired for a consultation prior to staging and selected the new flooring, some light fixtures and...