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Get Your Home Ready To Sell: Home Buyers Want A Move In Ready House

Here’s a home staging tip from a professional home stager: Get your home ready to sell. In 2018, home buyers in the Los Angeles real estate market want a house that is move in ready.

Los Angeles kitchen remodel for sale

Get your home ready to sell. Home buyers don’t want an allowance to repair the roof, replace the carpet, redo the kitchen or repaint. Allowances are for teenagers. They want a well priced home, in a decent location, that they can move right in to without spending another dime.

Its a big fallacy that home buyers want to choose their own carpet or paint colors. If you choose a nice, neutral color carpet and nice neutral color wall paint (both things the best home stagers can help you with) most home buyers will see your home as more desirable because it is move-in-ready. They’ll be thrilled they don’t have to worry about picking out carpet and having it installed or find a painter who has time in their schedule. If your home stager can’t help you with this, then you are working with the wrong home stager.

Most home buyers are maxing out their home purchasing budget by making an offer on the nicest home they can possibly afford. They don’t have extra money to paint, install new carpet or retile the bathroom. They want to move in as soon as escrow closes, not after they have to make a lot of repairs to make their new home livable.

Los Angeles home upgrades to sell a home

This Los Angeles condo was on the market for 6 months with no offers. After it was remodeled, it went into escrow the first week it was put back on the market for considerably higher than it’s original list price.

Here’s what happens when you offer a $5,000 allowance for repairing the roof that should have been replaced 5 years ago:

  1. The buyer thinks “What else didn’t they repair that they should have?”
  2. The buyer thinks “What structure got damaged by the leaky roof?”
  3. The buyer thinks “Is it really going to cost only $5,000 to repair the roof?”
  4. The buyer thinks “How much time will it take me to get bids, hire a roofing company & get the work done?”
  5. The buyer thinks “What happens if (fill in the disaster: it rains, the contractor absconds with the deposit, a worker falls off the roof)?”
  6. The buyer thinks “The seller must be desperate since the house isn’t in good shape.”

Here’s what happens next:

The buyer accepts your offer of $5,000 to repair the roof, and then also knocks off another 10% because they think the house is not in good condition or you are desperate…


The buyer rejects your house and moves on to the house down the street that is move in ready.

Here’s what happens when you offer a $3,000 allowance for new carpet:

  1. The buyer thinks “Will $3,000 really cover new carpet for the whole house?”
  2. The buyer thinks “I’m not from around here. Where do I buy new carpet?”
  3. The buyer thinks “That house down the street already has new carpet. Why should I take on the added stress of shopping for & installing new carpet?”

Here’s what happens next:

The buyer accepts your offer of $3,000 to buy new carpet, and then also knocks off another 10% because they think your allowance won’t cover all the costs


The buyer rejects your house and moves on to the house down the street that is move in ready and already has new carpet installed.

By not repairing and updating your home before you put it on the market, you are asking home buyers to assume risk and additional expenses. You add more stress and uncertainty to the situation. Many home buyers are already investing every penny they can get their hands on in order to purchase a home. They are unable or unwilling to purchase a home that will require repairs before they can move in. Additionally, the condition of your home may effect the appraisal causing the buyer’s lender to refuse the loan.

Want to get a Los Angeles home sold? Price it right, hire the best full service Realtor you can find, hire a professional home stager and make sure it is in move-in ready condition.

This post was originally written December 2010. It has been updated to reflect current market conditions.

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Model Home Condo Staging – Pasadena New Condos

One of the many expert home staging services we offer is model home staging for new construction condos. We staged a model condo for a 12 unit development in Pasadena and 8 of them sold very quickly. The model we had staged was one of the sold units, so we staged a new 3 bedroom unit last week. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. There is an additional full bathroom on the second floor, along with all 3 bedrooms.

I only use the best accessories, artwork and furniture for home staging, as details are so important when staging a home. Its the details that make an empty condo feel warm and welcoming. Beautiful furniture, artwork and accessories add perceived value.  After all, the whole purpose of home staging is to convince a buyer that this is where they want to live. If a stager uses furniture or accessories that aren’t that nice, the home is devalued, no one wants to buy and the cost of bad staging was wasted.

Los Angeles Home Staging Beautiful Flowers


These condos feature granite counters in the kitchen, hardwood floors, and underground parking. They are conveniently located near schools, shopping, restaurants and the Gold Line subway. They also have great freeway access. The units are light and bright with lots of windows and outdoor patios. The property is beautifully landscaped with a relaxing, bubbling fountain.

The condos are located at 1020 S. Marengo in Pasadena.

If you are a builder with new construction homes or condos, please contact us regarding our Model Home Staging services. We stage homes and condos throughout Los Angeles including Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino and Alhambra. We also stage homes for real estate investors, bank asset managers and property managers. These condos are REO (real estate owned).

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Real Estate Investor Home Staging Benefits

Moving Mountains Designs works with real estate investors,  bank asset managers and mortgage asset managers to sell their real estate assets or property. We will stage your assets cost-effectively to make them appealing to the greatest number of buyers. Staged homes sell faster and for a higher price. In addition, staging may help lower carrying costs – the less time your assets are on the market, the less you will have to spend on monthly maintenance, property taxes, insurance and utilities.

We are experienced working with investors, property managers, asset managers and banks. Call Michelle Minch today (626)385-8852 to learn how we can help you sell your listings faster and for a higher price. We know what makes homes sell!™

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Home Staging For Real Estate Investors

Sell your real estate investment properties faster and for a higher price!

How? Have your investment real estate staged by professional home stagers at Moving Mountains Design.

As a wise real estate investor, you know you have to spend a little money to make even more money. Home staging has been proven to help homes sell faster than unstaged home, usually for a higher price. In one study, published by the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sold 74% faster after they were staged than when they were unstaged. That resulted in lower holding costs and less time wasted, which equals higher profits.

Following are some Los Angeles properties staged for local real estate investors. Just click on any photo to see more photos and information about that particular property.

San Gabriel dining room

San Gabriel - This home sold 1 day after staging, after sitting unsold for 6 months!

Belair living room home staging

Belair Condo - This condo sold 1 week after staging


San Marino home staged for real estate investors

San Marino - Home was recently listed

Altadena staged home for real estate investors

Altadena - This home sold during first month on the market

If you are a real estate investor with assets to sell in the Los Angeles or North Orange County areas, call the home staging company that real estate investors, large and small, trust to help sell their investment properties, Moving Mountains Design. We are set up to handle multiple properties at one time and stage properties valued as low as $250,000 and as high as $7M. We will travel to stage properties outside the Los Angeles area (special terms apply).

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